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Students in the Hartt School’s flute studio are exposed to a comprehensive program designed for the student of superior talent and motivation whose goal is to be a professional performer. In addition to required course work, a performance major consists of three significant elements: performance, pedagogy, and career development. Solo, chamber, and large ensemble opportunities provide ample performance experience. Pedagogy classes ensure that all instrumental performance majors leave Hartt prepared as private teachers. Through classes such as Communicating with an Audience, Building a Music Career, and Orchestral Repertoire Class, students learn career development techniques such as contract negotiation, making a recording, stage presentation, preparation for orchestra auditions, and repertoire selection.

Studying at Hartt gives flute students a minimum of four hours a week with Professor Arms. In addition to weekly private lessons all flute students, regardless of major, attend two hours of Flute Performance Class. The emphasis in this class is on polishing and performing repertoire with piano accompaniment and receiving feedback from fellow students. This time is also used for master classes by visiting artists; recent master classes have been presented by Carol Wincenc, Eugenia Zuckerman, Robert Dick and Rhonda Larsen.

Additionally, students are required to attend Techniques Class, which meets two mornings a week. Flute students work together on warm-ups, scale studies, exercises, stretching, and good work habits. Students also complete repertoire and book reports in which they research composers, repertoire, and important flute literature allowing them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the music in class and providing them with a model for doing further research on their own.

A studio mentoring system, which pairs each undergraduate student with a graduate flutist, is in place to enrich pedagogy skills. They meet together at least two hours a week to work on duets, any problems revealed in Techniques Class, and for the chance to do research and get feedback from a partner. This gives the graduate students a chance to develop and refine their teaching techniques before leaving school, while the undergraduates benefit from the additional “one-on-one” help in between lessons and get to know fellow flute students more quickly. Pairs rotate every 4 weeks so everyone has the opportunity to meet and work together, creating a true collaborative atmosphere in the flute studio. The students are collegial and supportive, each gaining more from these additional opportunities to participate with their peers than they would on their own.

Degree Programs Offered:
Undergraduate Programs | Graduate Programs

Scholarships are available to highly qualified applicants and are based on your audition. There is also a tuition-free scholarship that is offered through the 20/20 chamber music program at Hartt. Students who audition are automatically considered for this program. Learn more

For more admissions information, please visit: http://harttweb.hartford.edu/admissions/apply

For more Audition dates and deadlines, please visit: http://harttweb.hartford.edu/admissions/audition

Flute Undergraduate Audition Requirements:
  • Mozart, Concerto in D or G – 1st and 2nd Movement
  • J. S. Bach, any sonata – two contrasting movements
  • 20th Century sonata/concerto or comparable solo work

Master of Music and Graduate Professional Diploma Audition Requirements:
  • Mozart Concerto in G or D Major, 1st and 2nd movement
  • J. S. Bach: any sonata, 2 contrasting movements
  • 20th century Sonata for flute and piano
  • Late 20th or 21st century solo flute piece showing some extended technique

Prepare appropriate excerpts from the following works:

Doctor of Musical Arts and Artist Diploma
  • Mozart: Concerto in G or D Major, 1st and 2nd movement
  • J. S. Bach: Sonata in B minor, E minor, or Partita in A minor
  • Two 20th century sonatas of contrasting style
  • Berio Sequenza #1 or similar unaccompanied solo exhibiting a command of extended technique
  • Six orchestral excerpts

When you come to Hartt here is what you can expect:

Technique class during your first semester will begin to cover Taffanel-Gaubert, Andersen Op.33, Telemann Fantasies, D.S. Wood, Reichert Daily Exercises, and the following extended range scales and arpeggios: major, minor, pentatonic, whole tone, octatonic, triad routine and seventh chord routine.
p. Each semester students audition for their instrumental performance organization in a blind audition with a panel. Students are placed in one of the three large ensembles, and receive written feedback for their audition. Undergraduate students benefit from eight simulated professional auditions before they leave Hartt.

The Fall 2011 semester audition list is:

There are many fantastic performance opportunities at Hartt. All music majors are placed in one of the three major ensembles: the Hartt Symphony Orchestra, Hartt Wind Ensemble, and Hartt Symphony Band. Flutists also have the opportunity to participate in flute ensemble, chamber music, and Hartt’s contemporary ensemble, Foot in the Door. Flutists often perform with the Guitar ensemble as well. For example, this year seven flute students played in a guitar duo and performed in their monthly concerts. To learn more about the performing opportunities at Hartt please visit: http://harttweb.hartford.edu/student/groups

You will perform in studio performance class 3-4 times a semester with a pianist provided by the school for the flute studio. The pieces you play will be decided in your lessons.

Janet Arms, Senior Artist of Flute at the Hartt School, would be happy to meet with you if you plan to audition for admittance to the flute studio. Please feel free to email (janarms@aol.com) if you would like to set up a lesson or if you have additional questions about the program.